Leverage our expertise to evaluate and optimise your commercial property holdings.

Commercial property ownership requires a wide ranging support network with the expertise to optimise and deliver the most effective investment strategies.

Many investors are disadvantaged by limited resource which is needed to unlock true value potential from their holdings, so we provide a comprehensive solution which blends extensive property experience with our tailor made approach to asset management.

What we think matters.

Putting tenants first.

Tenants are the key to exceptional investment returns, so we commit to fully understanding individual business dynamics before fine tuning an asset strategy.

Building rapport takes time, but fostering positive long-term relationships ensures only mutually beneficial opportunities are explored and ultimately implemented successfully.

Engineering value, not just 'active' management.

Pushing a step beyond ‘active’ asset management, we draw on established tenant relations to engineer the most effective asset strategies. 

Our main focus is mitigating void periods and not to solely rely on lease events to enhance and stabilise the income profile. 

Timing is key. Understanding the commercial property cycle is essential.

It is essential that consideration is given to the varying market dynamics throughout the life-cycle of an investment.  

We adopt a cyclical approach to continually appraise an asset or portfolio on a forward looking basis, ensuring the right actions are taken at the appropriate points in time. 

evaluate. implement. stabilise. repeat.

1. portfolio evaluation

A comprehensive assessment of existing real estate holdings in order to identify and report on all viable scenarios where additional value can be extracted.  

2. strategy implementation

Together with our wide network of property professionals, we will work alongside you to implement, manage and deliver the agreed asset or portfolio strategy in line with the key deliverables identified; from lease re-structuring, physical asset re-positioning and leasing campaigns.

3. asset stabilisation

The primary focus of any strategy is to deliver a best in-class asset with a stable and secure income profile back to our clients.  Once stabilised we can carefully appraise and evaluate the most suitable exit or hold strategy to meet your individual investment objectives.

The mechanics of value creation.

We believe timing is a key component to creating added value within direct real estate investment; by capitlising on pricing disparity between the peak and base of a given market cycle. Our advice seeks to quantify market timing as a key consideration in both purchase and sale of property investments.

Whether a light touch refurbishment, or comprehensive asset re-positioning; we work alongside our clients to deliver a best in class product to occupiers. Drawing on trusted designers, architects, service providers and contractors; we formulate and oversee any physical works from design phase through to delivery.

Where the opportunity exists, we will always explore simple or more complex planning scenarios which can create value for our clients out of their existing square footage. 

We seek to engineer scenarios which allow us to manipulate the income profile in a more advantageous way for our clients and their occupiers alike.  This often involves an element of mid-term lease re-structuring to provide both landlord and tenant the best solution within a property.

A well managed property can save vast sums on unnecessary annual expenditure, but more importantly ensure a positive occupier experience is delivered.  We investigate all current or potential issues with the day-to-day operation of a property to ensure things are running at optimal efficiency.