Providing professional investors with access to UK property.

deal sourcing & origination

have an active investment requirement?

We facilitate access to a range of real estate investment opportunities identified to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We do this by drawing on a depth of local market insight and an extensive real estate network of property owners, agents and principal investors.

We aim to source assets of a predominantly off-market nature, which are hand selected on a case by case basis to ensure they meet our clients specific investment requirements 

Working in line with each clients strategic objectives, we appraise opportunities using a top-down and bottom-up methodology.  This ensures the appropriate level of ‘early stage’ due-diligence is carried out to assess the impact of key asset level and market factors.

Our advice is supported by detailed appraisal and financial modelling, and quantified within a “fair pricing” tolerance and anticipated deal level.

We devise the most suitable purchase strategy on a case by case basis, and progress transactions with a view to delivering on a one-on-one basis where possible.

acquisition advice

business plan development

A clear business plan is essential to extracting the very best from a real estate investment.  

Our team will work with you to devise and formulate a comprehensive strategy to assess the workable scenarios that fall in line with key investment objectives and target return levels.  

Once implemented, we will consistently revisit the strategy throughout the investment life cycle to ensure key deliverables are being achieved, and that we stay committed to executing the plan which assumes the most favourable end result.